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In her forthcoming book, two-time TEDx speaker and expert on Millennials and the Modern Workplace, Crystal Kadakia, shares the secrets for engaging today's digitally-enabled workforce.

Crystal translates the five most commonly discussed digital native behaviors into strengths and teaches you how to shape your organizational culture. By using a data-driven, case study-based approach, this isn't just another Millennial book, but your workplace culture guide for all modern talent.


Are you a leader or manager that wants to increase engagement and productivity from today's talent?

General Manager, Cold Logic

"Crystal's perspective and articulation of the millennial life environment changed my paradigm. I changed my approach and opinions after hearing her insights.

I not only feel less frustrated by my old opinions but also encouraged to be open to new and more engaged connections. I am enjoying the new approach."

Crystal Changes Minds and Creates Action

Laurel O'Donnell

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